Tax & Legal


The introduction of Value Added Tax (VAT) in UAE from January 1st, 2018, has risen concerns among many businesses. This will impact not only businesses with local transactions but also cross border transactions within the GCC and non-GCC countries. Since the taxation concept is new in the UAE, it is not uncommon for businesses to have doubts as to the starting point to implement VAT and which aspects within their operation are to be prioritized.
The VAT team in Premier Auditing & Accounting supports businesses to navigate the new UAE tax environment and provide solutions which suit their business model as well as industry. Our VAT experts have great exposure to the VAT rules and procedures and have experience in VAT practices in the international arena will help the clients to implement the VAT system within their organisation. The range of our VAT services is as follows:


  •  Business impact analysis and its recommended solution
  •  Assist in VAT registration and compliance
  •  Support in VAT return preparation and filing
  •  Review calculation of VAT liability / VAT refund
  •  Dealing with queries from the tax authority
  •  Tax optimization


The introduction of Excise Tax in UAE from October 1st, 2017, has risen concerns among businesses engaged in importing, exporting, manufacturing, trading, storing or transporting excisable goods such as tobacco, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and energy drinks. The new Excise Tax is expected to affect the price of the excisable goods for final consumers. The importers, manufacturers and in certain cases other agents in the supply chain are liable to register for Excise Tax, submit periodical returns, pay the Excise Tax due to the local authorities and maintain specific Excise Tax records. Handling Excise Tax effectively will help your business to reduce the risk of non-compliance while ensuring an efficient management of the Excise Tax liability through the use of the available exemptions, refunds and customs reliefs. The range of our Excise Tax services is as follows:


  •  Review companies Excise Tax risk and exposure, identifying savings opportunities and reducing areas of risk
  •  Advice companies on structuring business transactions, including cross border transactions, in an Excise Tax cost effective way.
  •  Assist in Excise Tax registration and compliance
  •  Support in Excise Tax return preparation and filing
  •  Review calculation of Excise Tax liability
  •  Assist in Excise Tax audits, disputes and dealing with queries from Excise Tax authority
  •  Tax optimization