Accounting Services


Your organization may be growing quickly or just startup, be administratively complex or family owned, whatever the size or complexity of your business, PAA adapts its role to meet your business goals. The current business environment demands systematic accounting systems to maximize efficiency and enhance productivity. Establishing an appropriate accounting system provides management with financial information necessary to make informed decisions.
PAA accounting and book keeping team enables you to have accurate and timely book of accounts. PAA assists clients to save cost and time in terms of placing efficient system of book keeping and accounting. PAA also provide periodic training to improve quality of accountants. You will get local, personalized and responsive service from our dedicated professional teams.


  •  Bookkeeping and accounting services
  •  Identifying accounting software and its implementation
  •  Setting up accounting system and system implementation
  •  Updating backlog accounts
  •  Training accounting personnel
  •  ERP solutions